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Global Future Project Consulting is a well established construction and consulting company which works closely with qualified architects; structural engineers; plumbers and electricians in order to ensure compliance with the regulations and your desired construction requirements.Global Future Project Consulting (GFPC) was established in February 2007 by Ishmael Tee Muzenda and Mufaro Hope Majange as a result of increased passion towards the built environment and construction in general. We pride ourselves on 10 years of industry Experience, Quality, Customer Service and the ability and knowledge to produce a diverse range of products

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Commercial Clients

A commercial client is considered to be a company, factory, or business that needs to undertake construction to aid their business processes or the production of products. They would similarly have to follow environmental and safety regulations regarding planning and building. We are very much capable to work for comercial customers

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Government Customer

Local councils have the duty of constructing and maintaining services; state governments may instruct major capital works, such as new public buildings or significant infrastructure changes. The highest level is central government departments which manage massive building and infrastructure projects.GFPC is ready to assist governemt departments

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GPFC Private  Clients

Private clients are comprised of either local or sole traders who need assistance with the construction, alteration, or maintenance of their private properties. In the case of extensive work being required, the private client may have to source the skills of an architect to pass planning and building regulations beforehand. .We can help throughout the process.