about GFPC

Global Future Project Consulting is a well established construction and consulting company which works closely with qualified architects; structural engineers; plumbers and electricians in order to ensure compliance with the regulations and your desired construction requirements.Global Future Project Consulting (GFPC) was established in February 2007 by Ishmael Tee Muzenda and Mufaro Hope Majange as a result of increased passion towards the built environment and construction in general. We pride ourselves on 10 years of industry Experience, Quality, Customer Service and the ability and knowledge to produce a diverse range of products.

Construction , Electrical & air conditioning and Plumbing on commercial and residential projects

We constantly research new methods of Construction , Electrical and Plumbing on commercial and residential projects that saves time, money, resources and that are sustainable, but still deliver a high quality product.

Renovations, Roofing and Painting

We have more than 10 years experience in the building industry and have successfully completed a vast range of projects over a very wide spectrum, from initial design to final completion. We are a one-stop renovation solution for your convenience.

All paintwork, waterproofing and all coatings are covered under surface treatments. Our painting teams are well trained and understand both protective as well as the decorative aspects of paint. We use our knowledge to advise you on the best and most effective system for your needs. We use only recognized brands, which offer after sales service.

We are your home builders

GFPC is fully registered to the National Home Builders Registration Council, helping the construction industry build a reliable and effective building enviroment.We build the home you really want.We deliver our services as you wish.

Kitchen and Cupboard Fittings

GFPC have superb design and fabrication skills to develop and produce all your woodwork requirements. Our company, manufactures and installs furniture items. We specialise in kitchens, cupboards, bar counters, wall units, and shelving. Our finely crafted products can be customised to suit your requirements. We manufacture and install each fitting with pride and care.We also work on ceiling fittings on all types of buildings.

Environmental and Hydrological Consulting

GFPC is able to provide Simple, Sustainable SHERQ solutions to any industry. Our solutions are based on the client's requirements and our model is flexible enough to suit clients of all sizes.